16 Şubat 2009

Chestit Rojden Den :)

I don' t know if the headline is correct! I try to say "Happy Birthday to You".

I know you all suprise to see that this time I write in English. Well, I have an excuse: I want him to read it.

This handsome boy is Alexis and I hope he will be my friend in the future because we have many things in common. However, we have a little problem: I can' t speak in Bulgarian and he can' t speak in English. As he is a few (?) years younger than me I am so sure that he will learn the language first.

Last monday was his birthday and I wanted to buy something for him. The gift was a book, actually a puzzle, about wild animals. I gave it to my lovely Bilyana (the mother, the colleague and the friend). In the evening I received a call from him and heard his voice saying "Thank you". Ohh it was such a lovely time. He was so cute and polite. :)

He learned how to thank in English but silly me, i didn't learn what to say to him!! :(

Well, Alexis, again HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!

And; mola! :D

Note: I have permission for one photo but he is so cute and I couldn' t choose one. Sorry Bilyana!

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